International languages voice over, dubbing, audio recording, subtitling, translation and multimedia post production
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Multilingual voice overs & more
Voice Talents in over 170 + Languages ready to record for you!

Need a perfect narrator for effectively conveying the goals and objectives of your elearning module?

Look no further. Since all voices may not be suitable for elearning projects, we have developed a team of high quality voice actors who specialize in elearning voice delivery. Our elearning voice talents have, over the years, developed those buttery smooth narrations to hold the attention of the target audience for long periods. No project is beyond us; be it with industry specific technical terms or with any other kind of sophisticated terminology.

For elearning narration we have voices that will engage audience throughout the course. Our natural sounding, smooth and conversational yet consistent voices make elearning a memorable experience for learners as they bring the ideas and goals out of the module.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an impersonal message that is heard by a caller. While it is practically impossible for companies to answer each and every caller with specific or general requirements, an IVR plays a crucial role in satisfying the callers’ needs and queries. At Maruti Multilingual we have a team of specialized voice talents who give those seemingly impersonal responses a personalized touch. They give the automated response a pleasant and friendly touch with clear enunciation in either formal or casual tones. Additionally, our team is capable of recording large text to speech (TTS) corpora for speech synthesis and speech recognition projects.

With multiple updates in IVR jobs coming from time to time, the voices should be available and consistent over the years and so we can recommend you our select voice talents that will be available for your recording for years.


For an explainer video with great visuals and vivid animations and a perfect script, equally important is the voice for the narration because each video has its particular mood and character or a personality in that sense. Only professional voice actors can perceive that personality and bring it to life by lending right tone, pace and emotions of happiness, sorrow, solemnity or excitement as required and have right impact on viewers to take the desired actions.

When it comes to recording lip-sync or phrase-sync, never think of using amateur voice talents who are ready to work in half the budget of that of an experienced professional voice talent. It will always make your job difficult ultimately making you spend more on money and time.

Voice over for videos requires much attention to detail right from the adaption of the script to the video. Successful performance depends on the script being translated well so that it matches the duration of the source audio. This can be a challenging task in some languages like Arabic, Japanese, Malay, Thai, Khmer among other languages which tend to be lengthy when translated from English.


Commercial voice over actors must have broadcast experience for voicing commercials for TV, radio and internet. They have to be good both at narration and character voicing. Our catchy ‘sales pitch’ voices can help you selling your brands and products more effectively. Based on your brief, we can cast and audition announcers, narrators or characters who will fit your requirement precisely. Making a long lasting impact on audience out of that 30, 60 seconds is the task of only those voice actors who are prepared for and know their job well.

We can allow you to direct the voice actors through remote monitoring tools like ISDN, Skype or WhatsApp messengers so that you get the right delivery you wish. So use our voices and drive your brands.

15 Years Of Experience in Voce Over & Translation

Current Projects

13.11.2018 – Voice over with Nepali female voice talent Prashna for recording updates to the eLearning course in Amharic

13.11.2018 – Voice over with Ethiopian female voice talent Meseret for recording updates to the eLearning course in Amharic

08.11.2018 – Voice over with Burmese male voice talent Ozzy for recording automated telephone prompts

08.11.2018 – Voice over with Georgian male voice talent Giorgi for recording lessons and vocab in Georgian for school children

08.11.2018 – Voice over with Estonian male voice talent Danek for recording eLearning module on corporate ethics & code of conduct

07.11.2018 – Voice over with Burmese female voice talent Phyu Phyu for recording explainer videos on female pregnancy and menstruation

02.11.2018 – Voice over with Bangladeshi Sylheti male & female voice talents for a documentary voice over on forced marriages

02.11.2018 – Voice over with Hindi male voice talent Nitin for recording presentation films

01.11.2018 – Voice over with Filipino Tagalog female voice talent Aya for recording presentation scripts

Welcome to Maruti Multilingual

Company Overview

Soon after being established in 2009, Maruti Multilingual earned kudos for on-time delivery of high quality translation and voice over recordings of a large elearning project in 15 Indian and 36 international languages. Today, after a decade of existence, we have grown our network to cover over 170 dialects and accents in about 150 countries having 3,500 plus voice talents on roster and collaboration with about 130 studios around the globe. We are numero uno in having large number of resources in refugee languages like Arabic, Amharic, Oromo, Tigrinya, Somali, Tamil, Bengali, Urdu, Dari, Farsi, Pashto, Kurdish etc.

Why Us
  • An enormous network of dubbing artists, voice actors, voice talents and audio recording studios around the world
  • Team of sound engineers, recordists, translators, language experts and video editors
  • Delivery within hours in unbeatable prices
  • Expertise and best support in South Asian, South East Asian, Central Asian, Middle East and African languages
  • Voice talent casting & custom demos free of cost
  • Session monitoring with remote calling

Burmese Female Voice Talent Phyu

Maruti Multilingual is the leading agency providing professional Burmese (Myanmarese) voice overs and we have so far delivered hundreds of projects of corporate films, IVRs, commercials and elearning in Burmese language. The Burmese voice over market is not evolved much and is small compared to other South East Asian languages. Most of the Burmese voice over projects we do are from NGOs, non-for-profit groups and various departments of United Nations Organization working in Myanmar. Recently we have recorded and delivered a few extensive elearning projects for corporate clients. With the new democratic government in place, we hope Myanmar will attract more foreign direct investment and the picture will change soon. Burmese voice over providers are recording studios especially from Yangon. You could also find Burmese voice over providers in Thailand and Singapore.

Maruti Multilingual has a broad range of Burmese voices suitable for any genre, be it elearning, IVR, commercials, documentary, video animation etc.


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