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Maruti Multilingual is the leading Malay voice over company in terms of voice over requests received realized and fulfilled per month. Compared to other Asian markets, the Malaysian voice over market is a fairly developed market with awareness of professionalism and pricing among voice talents. The market is spread to Kuala Lumpur and other big cities of Malaysia. The Malay voice over talents are associated with one or more voice associations and guilds and their rates are standard and uniform according to the associations. However, they don’t tend to negotiate prices. There are several professional sound recording studios in Malaysia but they charge very highly.

Malaysian language is also spoken in Singapore and so you could find Malay voice over actors in Singapore as well. They are mostly bilingual or trilingual as English, Malay and Mandarin are official languages in Singapore.

We can certainly pass the benefits of years’ of mutual cooperation with Malaysian voice over artists and service providers. We bet our prices are much more competitive than those of our competitors.

Listen to the range of Malay voices above and select any voice you like for your project.

Maruti Multilingual has a broad range Malaysian voices suitable for any genre, be it elearning, IVR, commercials, documentary, video animation etc.

Malay (Malaysia) Voice Over Work Gallery

Voice of the Month

Age Bracket:
Middle-aged Adult (early 30s)
Voice Characteristics:
At IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting), Sara learned voice acting in 2006. After finishing training, she started her professional career at IRIB (TV and Radio), Then expanded her activities to Cinema, commercials, and other fields of voice acting. She has a very flexible voice. She is best known for her numerous voices (different characters in movies including children, animals, young girls, middle aged women, old women, comic types, etc,.) She is also a dubbing director, and a voice actress at comic radio programs which are popular among people in Iran.
Work Experience:
She works as a voice artist for all channels of Iran Broadcasting. She is a member of Iran-Dubbing Association (Iran's House of Cinema). With warm, original and fresh voice she has given voice to almost all types of genres from elearning to corporate films to animations to IVRs and commercials. Sara is a perfect Farsi voice talent when it comes to lip syncing and dubbing of films as she can also help you adapt scripts well to films. Her deliveries are always on time with no scope for re-recording. All these attributes make Sara the most sought after Persian voice over artist among our roster of Iranian voices.


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