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About Us

We believe in nature’s creation and human ability. We learn from things around us. This is a people centric organization where we seek and foster proactive engagement of all our staff and partners who work with us. Each and every activity here has a human touch. Tools help us just to speed up the processes.

We take pride in giving unique experience to our customers by designing and customizing processes to their needs.

The Pivots

I play multiple roles in this organization. With hands-on experience of working with international teams, being a Proz certified translator, and expertise in talent sourcing and acquisition, I strive to utilize these skill sets in enriching production.

Every script that comes to my desk is thoroughly checked. Client instructions are well understood and sometimes redrafted for the translator or the voice over talent to understand easily. At times, script formatting is made in such a way that it is not well comfortable for the talent to read smoothly without a hitch. In this case format is changed and redundant parts are removed. I always try to anticipate issues the translator or the voice artist is going to have and so I remove those bottlenecks before sending them the material. This process facilitates on time delivery and considerably reduces chances for post delivery corrections and revisions. This is our cooperation with our partners in its true sense.

The vast network of qualified talents has enabled us to have resources in very rare languages like Bislama, Tetum, Tok Pisin S’gaw Karen to Hazaragi, Chichewa, Kinyarwanda and Sesotho among others.

I am engaged closely with clients to create innovative, effective training film, translation (localization) & voice-over projects.

Good at media tools and technologies, with credentials of managing regional & international translation (localization) & voice-over projects effectively for past 10 years.

Placed up-to-date with constantly evolving technologies in audio video, translation, voice-over, animation & HTML 5 video support.

I have a vast experience in sound engineering. I have worked on location sound for a number of television serials, also worked as a mixing engineer for various albums and regional films.

For the last 8 years I have concentrated on voice over projects. I play a major role in defining the quality of voice over projects done at our organization. I also take care of completing bulk VO projects in minimum TAT and at optimum quality standards.

Voice of the Month

Age Bracket:
Middle-aged Adult (early 30s)
Voice Characteristics:
At IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting), Sara learned voice acting in 2006. After finishing training, she started her professional career at IRIB (TV and Radio), Then expanded her activities to Cinema, commercials, and other fields of voice acting. She has a very flexible voice. She is best known for her numerous voices (different characters in movies including children, animals, young girls, middle aged women, old women, comic types, etc,.) She is also a dubbing director, and a voice actress at comic radio programs which are popular among people in Iran.
Work Experience:
She works as a voice artist for all channels of Iran Broadcasting. She is a member of Iran-Dubbing Association (Iran's House of Cinema). With warm, original and fresh voice she has given voice to almost all types of genres from elearning to corporate films to animations to IVRs and commercials. Sara is a perfect Farsi voice talent when it comes to lip syncing and dubbing of films as she can also help you adapt scripts well to films. Her deliveries are always on time with no scope for re-recording. All these attributes make Sara the most sought after Persian voice over artist among our roster of Iranian voices.


  • Leading Indian voice over agency
  • 100+ languages & 2,000+ voices
  • Proactive human touch
  • Customized techniques
  • Ability to manage rare resources
  • Delivery within hours
  • Very reasonable prices
  • Responsible, committed, dedicated and trustworthy

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